It was a great honor to have been installed as your pastor this past weekend!  As we enter the transition from summer into the busyness and the hustle and bustle of the school year that is approaching, I am reminded of a great phrase from St. Thomas Aquinas, "You cannot love what you do not know."  I, as your pastor, must love you, my parishioners.  As you might think, however, it can be hard to get to know you, simply because of the sheer number of all of you here at the Parish.  But the challenge is still there!  A phrase that Father Juan and I used to use when we were in the Seminary together was, "Challenge Accepted!"  To accept this challenge, however, we need to take concrete steps in the right direction.  I will never come to the point of being willing to lay down my life for you if I do not know you.  If I never know you I will never love you.  To help Father Eric and I know you, I would like to begin inviting families, a few at a time, to come and share a meal with us on the last Sunday of the month, here at the rectory.  To make this happen, I need your help.  You can find on the tables to the entrances of the church, little cards that ask for your name, contact information, and food allergies.  Once you have filled them out you may place them in the offertory basket or hand them to Father Eric or I and we will contact you to set the table!  I look forward to this opportunity to come to know you as we walk together on our journey of faith and food!  If you have any questions, please ask me or contact the office.

In Christ,

Father Jacob