Giving Time Back to God

Time is a gift from God.  In our society it is a precious possession.  As good stewards, we show our thankfulness by giving back to God the first and best, with Sunday being our best time of the week.  God asks his disciples, as part of the Ten Commandments, to keep the Lord’s Day holy and not just part of a weekend of rest and relaxation. 


Sunday is at the heart of the Christian life.  God blesses the seventh day and makes it holy, a day set apart.  When Jesus arose on Easter morning, it became the day above all other days to remember the salvation that has been given us. We congregate as the Body of Christ to be fed and formed by the Eucharist.  Thus, each Sunday we come to listen to his Word and be nourished by his body and blood as we share in the life of his Church.

                                                                      Father Charles